Kids dressed up in costumes with HEARO logo in the background


HEARO is an online support service for kids who are deaf or hard of hearing to help them thrive through every stage of life.

The Challenge

We worked with The Deaf Society to turn a consumer research study into a brand opportunity using PX™ – The Purpose Experience. That’s when HEARO was born. Now we needed to help the HEARO team to quickly bring the brand experience to life to its audience.

What we did

Our favourite African proverb is:

It takes a village to raise a child

That’s how we feel about brand building. With the rise of digital, marketing has become so much more complex and fragmented than it used to be. We believe it now takes a village to raise a brand.

Our Markd Brand Village is made up of experienced designers, researchers, creatives, copywriters, web developers, photographers, videographers, digital strategists, and social media experts. We do the strategy for every brand and work in a coordinated way alongside our brand village to bring that strategy to life.

So, with the support of the HEARO team, we extended some of the HEARO briefs to our brand village of expert collaborators.

The Result

In weeks, the HEARO story was transformed into a visually strong brand, thanks to our Creative Director. This inspired a consistent brand expression across every touchpoint made up of online and offline assets.

This was all achieved working remotely with the HEARO team.

Wrapping Up

Our Markd Brand Village is a new marketing model. If you want to work with purpose-driven people and benefit from a strategic yet fast and flexible approach to help bring your brand to life, do reach out.