African mother holding her son

About CBM

CBM is an international purpose-driven Christian development organisation devoted to improving the lives of people with disability in the poorest places on earth. With 800 million people currently living in poverty with a disability, CBM has a big cause!!

The Challenge

The work that CBM does addresses the world’s most neglected and overlooked people, changing lives and communities for good. However, CBM’s number one brand platform – the website – did not convey a clear message or tell a strong enough brand story. The website was also complex to navigate and needed an update in UX and Design.

What we did

Before building the website and developing the copy, our first action with any brief is to identify brand purpose. Brand purpose is the reason that CBM exists. It is also the reason why CBM staff all around the world turn up every day and the main reason why people donate to CBM in the first place. Purpose unlocks everything but in our experience, it is often the least known or articulated statement in an organisation.

The answer was in CBM’s origin story. The charity began in Turkey over 110 years ago through an act of love. The power of that love didn’t just change lives but transformed them for good.

The reason that CBM exists is to inspire acts of love that change lives forever.

Once we had this, it was easy to tell the CBM story across the entire website. It’s a single story that touches on all the work that CBM does from marketing to fundraising, advocacy, volunteering, recruitment, and church engagement.

The Results

CBM has an engaging website that connects with its audience in a more meaningful and engaging way. Armed with a clearer purpose, CBM’s message is also being communicated beyond the website across all touchpoints including print, online and radio advertising.

Wrapping up

From unlocking the call to action message on a website’s homepage to inspiring an entire communication campaign, the brand purpose is often the missing link in branding and communication. However, identifying purpose takes prioritisation, collaboration and thought.

If you are an organisation that wants to identify purpose, talk to us today.