About CBM

CBM is a Christian development charity devoted to improving the lives of people with disability living in poverty.

Miracles Day is CBM biggest fundraising day of the year. The charity partners with Christian radio stations to raise money for those who are needlessly blind with cataracts. All it takes is $33 and a 12-minute operation to restore sight…a miracle!

The Challenge

CBM began to realise the important role of digital and particularly mobile in converting donations. The target for the 2018 campaign was to deliver 35,000 miracles by adopting a digitally-led and mobile-first experience.

What we did

Working with the CBM team and Leafcutter as the development partner:

  • We recommended the previous 11 page Miracles Day microsite become one focused landing page
  • Utilised a mobile-first approach in UX and Design as mobile generated 53% of traffic
  • Combined story-telling and imagery with direct response copy
  • Linked key messages on the landing page with a donate button
  • Encouraged donors to donate more than one miracle
  • Ensured the Miracles Day page conveyed CBM’s higher level brand promise, tone of voice and look and feel

The Result

Adopting a mobile-first approach delivered 38,833 miracles! This was an 11% increase on the target. What a wonderful result for the CBM team and their cause.

Wrapping Up

More than half of all traffic now comes from mobile devices. Converting from this device will continue to be an opportunity for most organisations.

To win in mobile, an organisation must have a clear purpose that translates into simple and actionable messages.  This sounds so simple to do on paper, but often very challenging to achieve. Yet, small tweaks can lead to significant improvements in conversion.

Do you feel like you could adopt a more mobile-first approach in your digital execution?  Think you can be more focused in your messaging?  Want to understand the benefits of direct response copy?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, we’d love to hear from you.