ECOTONE is a newly created Australian and New Zealand company that specialises in long-lasting colour applications and functional coatings designed for the building and construction industry.

The Challenge

The team had been serving the building and construction industry for over 20 years by bringing colour to brick, block, concrete, and cladding materials. However in 2021, the team felt the world had changed and they’d changed with it. They wanted a world-class strategy to create a truly local brand to serve the needs of their diverse range of customers that included homeowners, builders, developers, engineers, architects, and asset owners.

What we did

Working with the Australian and New Zealand team alongside our brand village of expert collaborators, we did the following:

  • Using our proprietary naming approach, identified ECOTONE as the new brand name with a promise to Colour For Life
  • Developed a purpose-driven brand strategy using PX™ – The Purpose Experience
  • Translated the strategy into a new brand book and guidelines across key brand assets and touchpoints
  • Developed a mobile-friendly new website based on the customer journey and user experience
  • Created a social media strategy using the brand’s unique tone of voice
  • Launched EDM campaigns to communicate the new brand to a segmented audience.

The Result

In a matter of months, ECOTONE was born. This is a truly local brand with a bold, vision, mission, and purpose to Colour For Life and deliver Stunningly Sustainable buildings and surfaces that transform our urban landscape. ECOTONE has a multi-layered story that is uniting the local team and connecting to its audience in a meaningful way.

Wrapping Up

We believe It’s a brand new world. Some leaders will retain a business is usual approach as others shrink back in all the uncertainty. However, some leaders will push forward seeing our current reality as an opportunity to step up their branding and marketing to thrive in a more dynamic world.

One such leader is Tony Watling and his team who embraced purposeful leadership and branding to make a more relevant and meaningful mark in Australia and New Zealand. To learn more about the ECOTONE story, discover it here.