About Gluh

Gluh is a revolutionary platform that enables IT services providers to sell technology online. Invented by two Melbourne based cofounders in 2016, Gluh has grown to own a unique position in the technology services industry.

The Challenge

The Gluh team wanted to update their website to strengthen engagement. The business was beyond startup, a growing team with a more compelling story to tell.

However, when we asked the Gluh team for their brand strategy, it didn’t exist.

Or it did.

But it was in the heads of the co-founders!

What we did

Before building a website, we recommended the Gluh team develop a brand strategy and guidelines.

We used world-class brand-building tools to articulate everything about Gluh from brand purpose to properties and promise. These important statements were captured in one document, which was used to inform the brand guidelines.

The Result

Gluh now has a brand strategy and new brand guidelines.

These will not only inform how the brand expresses itself on the website but across other marketing channels.

Wrapping Up

We classify Gluh as a step up company.

These are organisations that have grown beyond startup with a clear audience, offer and business model. However, to go to the next level of growth, they need to get more sophisticated with their marketing.

This often starts with a well-articulated brand strategy and ideally one that lives outside the heads of the co-founders and in the hands of others 🙂

If you are a business that needs a brand strategy to step up in your marketing, do reach out.