boy with a tin can in his ear

About Hearing Matters Australia

Hearing Matters Australia is a volunteer organisation targeting a growing number of people living with hearing loss.

Previously called SHHH (Self Helf for the Hard of Hearing), neither the name nor the mark was doing the organisation any favours. SHHH was difficult to recall and counter-intuitive to the organisation’s future direction.

Hearing Matters Australia, on the other hand, talked more to raising awareness of the often gradual, silent and invisible journey that is hearing loss.

The Challenge

The SHHH board wanted the change of name and identity to attract a contemporary audience without alienating their core member base. With only a tiny budget, they didn’t believe they could achieve the balance they were looking for.

What we did

We worked with the Hearing Matters Australia board to identify the purpose of SHHH that would translate into the new brand positioning and identity.

What is at the heart of the organisation are the volunteers who are themselves hard of hearing. The support they give to people with hearing loss is invaluable because it comes from first-hand experience.

This became the key proposition for the Hearing Matters Australia brand and the inspiration for the new identity.

The Result

Hearing Matters Australia has a new name and identity that has been embraced by the current member base and its volunteers.

We love that the identity is as much a call to action as it is a new mark. By paying tribute to the green palate of the old design, it feels familiar, whilst telling the new brand story with an emphasis on ears that listen.

Wrapping Up

You don’t have to have a big budget to refresh your brand identity. We worked closely with the Hearing Matters Australia board to co-write the brief. We adopted a streamlined process to create the designs in two main rounds of concept development.

This resulted in a more aligned brand strategy to execution outcome.

Are you a brand like Hearing Matters Australia in need of a brand refresh on a small budget? If that’s you, talk to us.