From a blank sheet of paper to HearSpace

About HearSpace

HearSpace was once a blank sheet of paper without a brand name, identity or platform. Today it is an online destination that connects people that are hard of hearing with the resources they need to lead a better quality of life with hearing loss.

The Challenge

Hearing loss affects 3 million Australians or 1 in 6 people.

The Deaf Society identified that this was a growing audience with unmet needs. Their research confirmed that online resources were not addressing the social and emotional challenges related to hearing loss. A journey that is often gradual, silent and invisible.

They wanted to create a safe place where people with hearing loss could access tailored information and support. The new platform needed a new brand name as people with hearing loss do not identify themselves as being deaf. In the same way, deaf people do not associate with being hard-of-hearing.

With a blank sheet of paper, we were tasked with finding a new name, identity and messaging strategy for this audience before the commencement of a website build.

What we did

We started where we always start – on purpose – to define a brand’s reason for being.

We also spent a lot of time understanding the hard-of-hearing target market. Later evolving the audience to become 3 distinct personas – diagnosed, undiagnosed and the colleagues, friends and family of people with hearing loss. From here we began the brand name exploration.

We used our Naming Tool to come up with hundreds of brand name options and tag lines. The key was to be as broad as possible with names that covered the full spectrum of descriptive to abstract names.

We came up with lots of good names but HearSpace made the final cut. It was easy to recall and conveyed a sense of place for people with hearing loss. Sound Advice for Life was the chosen tag line, which summarised the brand’s rational and emotional benefits in one statement.

The Result

From a blank sheet of paper, a new brand name, identity, personas and messaging strategy were developed in a matter of weeks. In addition, we used the personas to write all the content for the new website and later to inform the digital marketing strategy once the platform went live.

The outcome of all this is a bold brand and platform that exceeded The Deaf Society’s expectations.

Wrapping Up

Coming up with a new brand name is not a random exercise. It takes much consideration and thought.

Descriptive names are easy to recall but are not easily available from a trademark perspective. They can also feel a little ‘expected’. Abstract names are unique but require consistent communication and investment to stick.

However, with a disciplined approach mixed in with creativity,  you can find the optimal name for your business.

If you have a new offer that requires a new brand name amongst a whole lot of other things, do reach out.