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About Horizon Homes

Horizon Homes is a boutique home building company based in Sydney. The company prides itself on a build process that makes it simple and affordable to have a custom built home.

The Challenge

The company wanted a new brand identity that would elevate quality perceptions and attract a higher value customer. To achieve this, Horizon Homes recognised the need to step up its branding and marketing.

What we did

Before developing the new brand logo, we knew we had to identify the Horizon Homes value proposition.

To do this, we conducted a workshop that involved the sales, design, build and customer service functions. We turned the Brand Purpose Model and the Customer Experience Model into fun and interactive exercises that would engage the entire team.

In less than half a day, the Horizon Homes team was able to articulate the company purpose and unique customer experience. This helped to develop a higher-level value proposition to inspire the new brand identity.

The Result

The Horizon Homes team ended up selecting a brand mark with a strong sense of style and sophistication, which was very different from their previous design.

The new identity connects more meaningfully to the Horizon Homes quality-seeking audience through The Joy of Home tagline. The company’s unique home building process was brought to life through the expression – Dream.Design.Build.Joy.

Wrapping Up

We work best with companies like Horizon Homes that want to step up their marketing game to thrive in a more dynamic world. Horizon Homes has a beautiful and more contemporary brand mark that we all love.

But more than that… it’s how the mark came about. It doesn’t get much better than a mark anchored in purpose and customer experience with each team member being involved in crafting it.

When brands connect their internal and external audience through their stories, we believe they harness their true power. That’s what Horizon Homes is on a journey of doing.

If you want to step up your marketing game using world-class marketing tools on your brand – contact us today.