Man looking at a natural scene as if contemplating his personal brand

About Mark

Mark is one of our favourite personal brand stories.

When Mark engaged us, he had sold his share of a successful business and knew he was ready for a change.

He had also been living with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) for many years. CF is an incurable but treatable condition that had primarily affected his lungs. By the time Mark had engaged us he had undergone a lung transplant.

The Challenge

Having sold his business Mark knew he wasn’t the type to put his feet up. He had more time on his hands and the gift of new lungs that his body didn’t seem to be rejecting.

But what was next? This is the question that needed answering.

What we did

We worked through a number of exercises with Mark in order to build his personal brand. The most impactful was the lifeline exercise that helped him map out the themes of his life from birth to the present moment.

It helped reveal Mark’s origin and current story.

The reality is we don’t reflect enough on our lives – where we’ve come from and where we are going. We need to be in touch with the combination of experiences, skills, talents, gifts and passions that make us unique but also propel us forward. This begins the journey of defining our personal brand.

Working through Mark’s origin and current story helped to define Mark’s future story. Communication was at the heart of what Mark loved most and what made him a successful entrepreneur in the first place. This defining word had been a constant theme in his life.

The Result

Mark’s life had become a culmination of breathing moment after breathing moment. When life is broken down into a single breath, it makes you notice the details in moments that many of us would ordinarily miss. This is Mark’s unique gift.

But armed with a longer-term view, what was he going to do with his time and his gift? It came easily to Mark. He was going to write a book, start a communications-based business and run a marathon, even it was only half of one.

Mainly, Mark was going to share his story with the world.

Wrapping up

Mark’s journey is a brave one that many of us never embark on whether it be out of fear, lack of time or prioritisation.  But it is a journey that we believe will take Mark from success to significance.

If you are willing to bring your authentic self in building your personal brand, come talk to us. We specialise in people that want to make a more meaningful mark in the world, just like Mark.