Diverse women wearing Modibodi T-shirts and underwear in Paris

About Modibodi

Modibodi is a brand-conscious company that sells an innovative line of men and women’s protective and supportive apparel.

Founded by Kristy Chong in 2013, Modibodi is a world-first innovation with a vision to help every(bodi) manage their leaks in a sustainable, socially conscious and body-affirming way.

The Challenge

In 2019, this Australian owned business was experiencing hyper-growth. Faced with global competitors, Modibodi needed a bigger team, a new brand strategy, and a bold idea to propel the company forward to make its mark on the world.

And in true Modibodi fashion, this had to happen fast.

What we did

We put our skates on and used the Markd Brand Purpose model to frame the opportunity. With a clearly defined purpose, we believed the Modibodi team could more confidently take on the world.

This isn’t merely a good idea or a nice notion. The business case for purpose is too compelling to ignore with companies led by purpose growing 2x faster than their competition.

While Modibodi was founded on purpose, the team needed to articulate what that purpose was to inform their Brand and People & Culture strategies.

The Result

We recruited six new roles that were aligned to the company values in a matter of weeks.

From the Markd Brand Village, we chose to work with bnb partners worldwide to help articulate the Modibodi essence based on purpose, as well as come up with creative ideas to position the brand in the minds and hearts of a global audience.

This culminated in a team-building day in which Kristy and the leadership team reflected on a year in which they had doubled their revenue and their team. Now more than ever, they were clear on their purpose:

To be limitless in our positive impact to inspire a more confident and happier world

Wrapping Up

A company in hypergrowth needs to lead consumer demand with new stories, products, services across channels and markets. This is all enabled by a team that grows with the needs of the business. 

Purpose connects everything and every (bodi) together enabling companies to thrive (and not spin out of control) in a dynamic world. If you’re an organisation like Modibodi that could benefit from purpose and all the great things that flow out of it, do reach out, like yesterday.