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About Tikki

Tikki is a nonprofit technology platform that enables donors to fund charity projects anywhere in the world. Donors benefit by having visibility and transparency on the impact of their giving.

The Challenge

The Tikki team wanted to launch the brand and platform online. However, they were unclear about their communication approach – how to target their audience and the best way to engage them.

What we did

We conducted a brand communication workshop that focused on identifying who the Tikki audience is.

It was the right thing to do.

An audience-first approach unlocked the entire communication strategy. Having a clear idea of who you are marketing to not only informs where you are going to reach them. It inspires the most motivating messages to elicit a response.

The Result

Through the workshop, we narrowed the Tikki audience to millennials.

The research conducted by the Tikki team had identified that millennials were the least engaged in giving to traditional charities. This was not based on a lack of generosity. Millennials simply felt removed from the impact of their giving.

It made Tikki the perfect platform for millennials.  They could get closer to the cause and give to multiple projects in more flexible ways. It’s not a surprise that closer to the cause became the Tikki tagline!

Wrapping Up

Communication can feel like a random and overwhelming part of your marketing strategy. But it doesn’t have to be.

Taking an audience-first approach is the smartest way to prioritise your channels, messages and content.

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